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Erkunde Regen Tropfen, Bildbearbeitung und noch mehr!

Jörg Wolfshöfer / 500px

Fotografie eines kleinen Marienkäfers bei Regen. Mehr

dandelion dew... breathtaking moments don't come easy. We see the sparkle, the glitter, the heatstopping wonder of a single moment... but like fame, a moment of beauty can be painful. Seeing the sparkle in a famous person's life and critisizing them when they don't smile or they grumble at the's foolishness. No one expects the hard moments...only the beautiful ones. Carol

╭⊰✿ ⍥⍤⍤ ↁᙓᙡ ↁƦᎧᖘᎦ ⍤⍤⍥ ԑ̮̑♦̮̑ɜܓ ~~~~~reflection of flowers in dew drops More