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Erkunde Ostfront, Weltkrieg und noch mehr!

Kurt Schuschnigg, © IMAGNO/Austrian Archives

German and Turkish military leaders during WWI. Note General von Mackensen in the upper left. He wears the 'Totenkopf' (death's head ) on his fur hat. The use of the Totenkopf as a military insignia began in Prussia with Frederick the Great.

WWI, German soldiers in Russia, 1916. -delcampe

WWI German Soldier and Sweetheart "Cheer up, people, the soldiers are here. We change lovers and places until the grim reaper calls us to the headquarters."

General Friedrich von Friedeburg, Kaiser Wilhelm II and General Karl Freiherr von Plettenberg.

Dog with Gas Mask 1917 | surviving | help | crazy | war | destruction | breathe | pollution

Drawing of Western Front by painter Alfred Schönberner. Europeana 1914-1918, CC BY-SA