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Erkunde 10 1, 15 und noch mehr!

#5SOSSunrise 10/1/15

5 seconds of summer funny - Google Search

Eww I have Freshman Orientation today

Interesting Fact of the day! Europeans speed a different language than Americans!

5 Seconds Of Summer Animated GIF Yasss

Do you guys remember at all when 5sos weren't real popular yet and if you searched them on pinterest the captions under the pics would always come up as 'luke 5 seconds of summer', 'calum five seconds of summer', 'five seconds of summer band' like now it's just like 'Luke', 'Calum', '5SOS' because we all know who they are now. lol.

Permanent Vacation - 5SOS - edit. ( Credit to @XLittlexMex )

Ashton Irwin, preach this! I'm also a musician and this is just fantastic.

5 Seconds of Summer Facts. I'd be ok with that. Anyone else?

How Well Do You Know 5 Seconds of Summer?