Erkunde Und Vielfläche, Vielecke Und und noch mehr!

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Twelve 3D Geometric Sphere Shapes ___ Max Brückner, from his book Vielecke und Vielfläche, 1900....

Experientia docet: La entropía no es desorden: la ordenación espontánea de poliedros.

143 - Des choses qui aparoissent aux miroirs planes, & la raison de telles apparitions. - Page view - e-rara

emma kunz / Sacred Geometry <3

Richard Sweeney began using paper as a medium for sculpture when he realized that it was a great way to create form through hands-on material exploration. Of his work, Sweeney says “Discovering the properties of the medium in this direct way helped me better understand the potential of paper in its own right, leading to the creation of sculptural forms.”


Max Brückner, from his book Vielecke und Vielfläche, 1900. Leipzig, Germany. Via Bulatov.

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