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pedalclavichord | Vergrößerung

Chamber organ , 1750–75

Franz Joseph Bouthillier (1790)

Tenor cornetto, Germany, ca. 1650

Harpsichord, one manual Manufacturer: Anonymous Dating: 2 Half of the 17th century Brand / inscription: IOANNES ANTONIVS BAFFO / / VENETVS FM. VD LXXXI.

Square Pianos - brief history

A Man Playing a Lute by Jan Kupetzky, 1711

Bone Flute Means Musical Instruments Date Back 40,000 Years, Scientists Say

Illustration from a Cantigas de Santa Maria manuscript.

Lira, ca. 1890 Greece Wood, tortoiseshell, ivory; The lira is a descendant of the rebec, a bowed folk and minstrel instrument of the late Middle Ages. The ancient type survives in Greece and other countries of the southern Balkans, but rarely as elaborately decorated as this one. Shown here without a bow, this lira has a reconstructed bridge.

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