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When we buy these, we lose this. Palm Oil isn’t “Green” or Vegetarian. And it’s in 50% of our favorite grocery store.

Orangutan spits water to get peanut - YouTube

Orangutan measures the depth of the water, to make sure it's safe for her and her baby to cross the river - stupid animals I don't think so!

Captured: The moment tiny baby orangutan gently bites his mother's nose

Natural charm: Photographer Hiroya Minakuchi said he originally set out to document the orangutans' facial expressions but was struck by the...

Art by Apes Thursday, July 12 Silent auction of artwork created by great apes

Ban Palm Oil - Boycott Indonesian and Malaysian items until something serious is DONE. Oran-utans in the wild are close to extinction - it's genocide.

PRIMATEN IN GEVAAR jong vrouwtje leila

Inda and Aisha - San Diego Zoo