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Erkunde Landsknechte, Super Awesome und noch mehr!

Thirty Years' War reenactors at the Wallersteiner Landsknechtstreffen, September 2006.

Jakob der landsknecht. Taken at RPFN, 2003.

League Brief doesn't allow for heavy plate armour? Sure about that?

Repoduction form Urs Graf "Lagerdirne mit Erhängter". Dress with Gollar, Barrett, Wulsthaube and Shoes. 1525

Niklas Stoer, Lansquenet Clas Winttergrön with his son Heintz. Mercenaries and Turks is a small exhibition in Rotterdam Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. It’s exhibiting two unusual coloured sets of newly recovered woodcuts from the German Renaissance (c 1530). One set portrays Swiss and German mercenaries. The other series shows Turkish soldiers riding horses and camels.