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Erkunde Wellen Ch, Der Schalter Manhwa und noch mehr!


19 Days 1: CH 1-54 at

Read manga Horimiya Ch.040: Pool WEll... you know.. MENstruation..

Reincarnation no Kaben 9 - Read Reincarnation no Kaben ch.9 Online For Free…

o.e So in the beginning of every manga, the cover character will be shown waking up from a night of sleep. Well, Kureno was on the cover of this one, and he's just casually lying there with Akito. And I'm like a;sldkfjamsdklfjavl;sf whoa wait wat.

Horimiya Ch.50 page 1 at

Shinobi Life Manga - Kagetora, a young Shinobi ninja, was devoted to the protection of Princess Beni, but when an explosive attack sends both of them plunging into a lake, his life takes a bizarre twist. Passing through a hole in time he arrives just in time to rescue the princess's decedent. Convinced he is still serving his princess in an enemy illusion, can the ninja from ancient times adapt well enough to modern Japan to continue his mission. But the time slipping has only just…

making an entrance... like a boss (well 5 of them!) #Bleach