Erkunde Schlafen, Kreativ und noch mehr!

Schlafen ovo *kreativ sein*

Wenn dein bester freund warte und so lange wartet bis du das Fenster auf machst und dir klar wird das du denn besten freund alles Zeiten hast

Games are to be replaced by K-pop and then my day is complete :) (maybe add some Sherlock...)

Ene | Kagerou Project It cute, the way she sleeps. :)

Just Be Friends By Megurine Luka <3

Anime Quotes I used to have a crush on a guy.... First time I ever felt like this.... I cried myself to sleep all the time.......

For maddie @Jennifer Milsaps L Milsaps L Milsaps L Milsaps L Milsaps L Pierre Ditzel

Starlight's Lullaby-by FindMagic Hush now young Starlight, Your destiny awaits, Breaking the pain of the dawn, Wake at the death of daylight, Seek power in the moon, Spread this soft lullaby, Across the night, And let your calm sleep arrive soon, And let your calm sleep arrive soon.

Juuuhu Ritzu ist endlich draußen

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