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Erkunde Hauptstr und noch mehr!

View looking west across a lagoon toward the Palace of Machinery and the Ferris Wheel at the 1904 World's Fair. Missouri History Museum

Smithies, saloons & a few stores straggled along 'Market Street,' ending in what seems to have been a little slum of Irish immigrants. South of the crest of the bluffs, more shops and saloons were joined by residences, in several of which room and board were offered.

St. Michael's Church, Buehlertal. All ancestors were baptized/married/buried from this church from 1750s on.

Top: S.S. Frankfurt from Bremen April 30 1903 to Baltimore May 14, 1903. Ship of Jacob Leber, Anna Roos Leber, and two youngest sons, Peter and Joseph Leber. Bottom: S.S. Darmstadt from Bremen March 25, 1905 to Baltimore April 8, 1905. Ship of Martin Wind, Elizabeth Leber Wind and children Eva, Jacob, Catherine, Elizabeth and Anna Wind.

Sannicolau Mare - Pencil drawing by Schmidt Roger.

1951 Mastholte, Rietberg, NW, Germany