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"The couple came out to greet us, with beaming faces, and open arms of welcome...and immediately our hearts were warmed at the sight, for we knew that for the time being, we had found ourselves at home." Vikings

Caftan from the customer gallery at Die Wollhex, a German commercial site. Note the strips of tablet-woven trim running down the outside of the arm--I know of no evidence for this in a Viking context.

Norse Tattoos - fan of norse art? the you will love these…

The raven was a common device used by the Vikings. Ragnar Lodbrok had a raven banner called Reafan, embroidered with the device of a raven. It was said that if this banner fluttered, Lodbrok would carry the day, but if it hung lifeless the battle would be lost. King Harald Hardrada also had a raven banner, called Landeythan (land-waster). The bird also appears in the folklore of the Isle of Man, a former Viking colony, and it is used as a symbol on their coat of arms.

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