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Erkunde Meinem Vater, Meiner Mutter und noch mehr!

Aubameyang bei der CAF-Gala: "Ich danke meinem Vater und meiner Mutter und ..."

Auf diesen Bildern in dem Magauin Art, zeigt der südafrikanische Fotograf Pieter Hugo seine Heimat als zerbrochenes, schizophrenes Land. Ohne Südafrika ist sein Werk nicht vorstellbar. Er braucht das Kaputte und Kranke, das es in seiner Heimatstadt Kapstadt neben dem atemberaubend Schönen reichlich gibt.

Vital for the poor

Kenya’s mobile telephones: Vital for the poor. A report describes the sacrifices the poor make to keep a mobile phone. Economist Nov 10th 2012 | NAIROBI

African-American Life, Double-Exposed

James Baldwin by his typewriter in Istanbul in 1966. (Photo: Sedat Pakay)

11 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism All Day Long

South African Family Trades Suburban Comforts for Slums, Stirring Controversy | Parenting - Yahoo Shine

These Are The Faces Of South Africa's Black LGBTI Communities

Zanele Muholi Captures The Faces Of Black LGBTI Communities In South Africa

Photographing Europe's Migrant Crisis, Year After Year

Photographing Europe's Migrant Crisis, Year After Year - The New York Times

Photo: A resident sits with his foot chained in the courtyard of the Raywan private center in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa, on July 29, 2015. (© 2015 Zoe Flood for Human Rights Watch)

New genetic research reveals that a small group of hunter-gatherers now living in Southern Africa once was so large that it comprised the majority of living humans during most of the past 150,000 years. Only during the last 22,000 years have the other African ethnicities, including the ones giving rise ...

Captivating Portraits From West Africa Reveal 100 Years Of Life Across The Atlantic

Vogel 2015,Fotografen Leben,Fotografie,2001 Reclining,Reclining Woman,Keita 1950,Era Metmuseum,Sidibe Portraits,Photograph West