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Erkunde 3000 Jahre, Jahre Alte und noch mehr!

Nimrud: Terrormiliz IS planiert 3000 Jahre alte Kunstschätze

Das steinerne Portal von Nimrud, einst assyrische Hauptstadt unter Ashurnasirpal II. IS-Terroristen sollen das 3000 Jahre alte Kulturgut regelrecht planiert haben

Skara Brae

Skara Brae - Orkney Islands, Been here when I was a little girl

Göttin Skulpturen 4000 - 3000 vor Christus über>

Fashion in Infographics — Lipstick fashion through Chinese history Via

The coming of Nibiru

Some would say this depicts an alien!

😈Thunderstrike😈 on

What is a Viking

Navajo Youth, c. 1904. Source: NYPL --love seeing/learning about anything Navajo. they are such an interesting group to study and they have unbelievably beautiful spiritual beliefs.

"Beyond coincidence? Interesting pan-cultural parallels." Well perhaps it's a paleo/mesolithic remain from the cultures before the glacier years or the neolithic, it's "the lady of the beasts", a wild nature/fauna/earth goddess and around 12000-3000 bc all these cultures had the same lifestyle and similar symbols/myth..most kept this motive going despite agriculture society/city state until they became too "civilized"/hierarchal/patriarchal in the iron ages and the…

See the Oldest Depiction of the Universe in Human History

Erster Zustand: Links der Vollmond, rechts der zunehmende Mond, oberhalb dazwischen die Plejaden. (Alle Da

10 Places To Visit Before You Die

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Share The Great Wall of China (China) Well who isn’t aware from the Great Wall of China, not only it has historical background but now a lot many people visit it for tourism purpose. It was built to prevent invasion and also to protect the Silk Road. Though 30% of it is not as it was before but it is still a great tourism spot.