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Erkunde Leben Virtuelle, Virtuelle Realität und noch mehr!

"The Displaced": New York Times verteilt eine Million VR-Pappbrillen | heise…

Mantidfly - Looks like Praying Mantis and Wasp. Look out everyone, this is going to be my new pet!

Shot wants to be the Instagram of virtual reality

EUROSHOP 2014. me @ Euroshop 2014. I like the idea of illuminating the edges of an object or a space. Maybe lights on the sides of the space if I have a cube.

Marshmallow Laser Feast's virtual reality headset allows forest visitors to explore the woods through the eyes of an animal.

Digital WAVE Project. Students in person and virtual, started as Second Life, then own platform. Met scientists through their avatars and did real science in real life.

Audiencias y telerrealidad: el orden de factores sí que importa – Habitaciones de cristal

Tesla is in danger of becoming the new Saturn

Saturn wasn't selling a fleet of electric cars but, like Tesla, Saturn launched amid considerable celebration — and doubts — about its arrival.