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Erkunde Herder Spektrum, Biografische und noch mehr!

Kurt Tucholsky: Eine biografische Momentaufnahme HERDER spektrum: Fritz J. Raddatz: Bücher

allthingseurope: Einsiedeln Abbey, Switzerland (by octopuzz)

Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Jack looks so glamorous and unaffected while being arrested

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Knuspriges { Tomatenbrot } mit Kernen und frischen Kräutern

Tomatenbrot mit Kernen und frischen Kräutern

This image is perhaps almost to dark in its representation, although there is certainly a dark thread running through the novel. However this simplistic representation of smoke and mirrors might be better aimed at the more mature spectrum of a YA readership. However that said I think the blue smoke could work well with the castle turrets perhaps edging out of the top. with the text layers then on top and centered.

Goethe, Farbenkreis zur Symbolisierung des menschlichen Geistes- und Seelenlebens, 1809. ('Colour circle to symbolise the life of the human spirit and soul')


Was ist schön?

“I got lost in the night, without the light of your eyelids, and when the night surrounded me I was born again: I was the owner of my own darkness.” ― Pablo Neruda