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“Lego Thriller” by Annette Jung (Clip)

Streetart: David Walker New Murals in Paris // France (9 Pictures Clip)

The Mill Showreel 2013 (Clip)

Anamorphic Portrait made of Recycled Objects (4 Pictures Clip)

Lenticular StreetArt Piece by Roa (7 Pictures plus Clip)

Ballpoint Barber: Stop-motion Hair- and Beard-Cut (Clip)

Screengrab – Printing Out Still Frames and Create Transistions (Clip)

Rock Sculptures by Michael Grab made without any Glue (15 Pictures Clip)

Streetart Collaboration: New Mural by PixelPancho and Vhils in Lisbon // Portugal (4 Pictures + Clip)

Streetart: Urban Calligraphy “Skyfall” by Simon Silaidis (Clip)