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Erkunde Kreidefelsen Auf, Wunderbare Natur und noch mehr!

I lived in Cwmbran, a small village north of Cardiff, Wales. Lovely people!!!

Palenque is a rich Maya archaeological site located in the present day Mexican state of Chiapas . It is smaller than other Mayan ruins sites yet extremley rich and well worth the extra effort to visit - so says all things Maya expert Chichen Itza Bob

Über 7 Zäune muss man klettern...

Barringer Crater in northern Arizona is the point of a meteorite that was discovered in 1871. Crater - 170 m deep and 1.2 km in diameter. Meteorite collided with the earth 50,000 years ago, at a speed of 39 thousand miles per hour (64,000 km / h).