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Carrie: Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Mr. Big: I don't get it. Carrie: And you never will.

Carrie is on the prowl for love, although not quite so dedicated as Charlotte…

If Charlotte had it her way, there would be a knight in shining armour on a white horse ready to whisk her off to a perfect world and marry her far away from all the imperfections of everyday life. But life´s not a bowl of cherries so let´s see how it really went for her. #sexandthecity #newyork #fashion #bigapple #sex #girlsnight

Sex and the City

Carrie and Aiden, this would've been precious if she wasn't triflin

Sommer kann kommen. Love teh Holly Hobby style dress/shirt/smock look... would probably pair it with jeans and boots though

Still of Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth in Sex and the City

A relationship for Samantha would mean commitment to one sexual partner – and that’s a serious decision to make. Marriage and children don’t appeal to her. She takes things as they come and in order for that to work, she doesn’t need a partner by her side: she is woman enough on her own. #sexandthecity #fashion #fun #girlsnight #lifestyle #sex #newyork #bigapple

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