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Erkunde Täglich, Gezeiten und noch mehr!

MDC - Your authority and power Has turned us sick and sour And your justice is a lie And we're gonna fight until you die What makes America so straight and me so bent?

Crime - Dominating rhythm Circulating systems It’s a Nazi operation It’s not my station

X - Her hands turn red 'Cause the days change to night Change in an instant The days change to night Change in an instant

Flipper - There are Kisses left undelivered And sighs and moans unuttered

Dicks - Hey, mother, tell me what you say You send your kids off to war and then fade away Hey, daddy, tell me what you know You send your kids off to war and they don't come home Hey, people see it's what you want

The Slits

Slits - Full of myself I left you behind As if I could Possessed by Quixote's dream Went to fight dragons In the land of concrete

Misfits - We are the angel mutants The streets for us seduction Our 'cause unjust and ancient In this B film born invasion

Bad Brains - You're the man who owns all the keys to the stores. You're the man who always wants so much more. You're the regulator.

Nina Hagen - Ich bin nicht deine Fickmaschine Spritz Spritz Das is'n Witz Schaetzchen, wir muessen auseinander geh'n Tschau Tschau Du alte Sau