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Next time a friend ask me, I'm gonna do this

Why am I laughing so hard Apparently Photographer Jungkook took a picture of it


Kostenloses Bild auf Pixabay - Leben, Entspannen, Friedlich

Leben, Entspannen, Friedlich, Frieden, Gesundheit

Music speak volumes of emotions that are to hard to express! Every line, every word speaks of all my bottled up emotions that youve never heard. Even just the melody tells you what I feel and how my heart beats for you! Alway remeber im that litte tune that plays in your head at night or that rockin beat you dance to:D When you feel low turn on the song and listen to the words, my emotions! :D

Again, the Rascal Flatts. Their music has inspired me so much and has always been somewhere I can go when I'm sad and confused. I honestly couldn't imagine life without it.