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Why do startups need a minimum viable product (MVP)? How do we define the features for a MVP? What are the principles that we can use to move the team towards building that MVP which can be subjected to a lot of distractions in the market? In this session, I will guide the students in Singapore University of Technology & Design on a product development session and teach them to think, construct and work out a MVP.

interactive-notebooks by Dana Huff via Slideshare Quick guide on how to set up an interactive notebook.

Everyone thinks that a start-up is just about building a product. However, it is more than just that. Product development is part of the cycle where managing the product from feedback of users and marketing the product are also tied to build up the start-up as a sustainable business. The talk is delivered on JFDI.Asia, 1 March 2012 and focused on providing incubatees the best practices in working out how to build, manage & market your product within a short time.

A keynote about product design during the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) Design Award 2013 competition. In this talk, I discuss how we should start from the user on product design, whether hardware and software. Part of the emphasis will centered on some interesting principles such as learn from data, less is more and focus on the most boring but interesting feature.

The focus on this talk delivered for Penn-Olson's private investors and entrepreneurs' gathering. Focus on technology entrepreneurship, particularly in the consumer internet space, and both business & venture capital activity here.

From a theoretical physicist who come up with experiments to find extra dimensions in the universe and searching genes using machine learning, I want to talk about two realistic and achievable ideas that I like to build as a technologist. These two products revolve around speech recognition & next generation social networks. Presented for Barcamp Singapore 3.

The slides on a session which I conducted to the startup teams in the technology startup incubator JFDI.Asia. The session which I conducted are broken into 4 parts: managing user growth, vanity and growth metrics, funnelling and usability testing.

Have you ever wondered why you are never able to get a taxi during certain times of the day in Singapore? Have you ever wondered why the taxi drivers are always complaining? Are the incentives really that bad for them? Gathering some anecdotal evidence coupled with economics and physics, I seek to analyze the cultural phenomenon of taxi cabs in Singapore. At the end, I present a solution based on free market and competition to how the problem might be solved.

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The 4th lecture focus on business strategy and models, rapid growth strategies (franchising, mergers & acquisitions), and an introduction to Moore's "Crossing the Chasm", Gartner's Hype Cycle and Porter's 5 Forces.

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