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Made you smile! And yes, you look FABULOUS!!

Und was ist wenn ich nicht länger warten will, sondern dass jetzt eines Tages ist ..

Literally send a hug card. There have been many times I've wanted to hug someone from a distance. A lot of times our loved ones are far away from our bodies & that's sad. And while actually squeezing someone you cherish is like balm to our souls, this is a close second. I want you to literally hug this card. Get it all crinkly, wrinkly, & rumpled. You can even kiss it if you feel so inclined. (I wouldn't recommend frenching it though. My cards are not delicious.)

Top Ten Things I Tell Myself

Es gibt immer einen Grund für uns noch höher hinaus zu wollen und je höher wir kommen um so mehr werden wir belohnt!

This is the way it always starts... Hear more from me.

I just wanted to say thanks ya'll for the gobs of inspiration, smiles, creative sparks & ideas galore you're all kind enough to share with me ♥ I LOVE IT! o/ Thank-you ever so kindly for sharing your beautiful minds :)