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Quote About Stress - Eckhart Tolle

Stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there. Eckhart Tolle

When You Complain, You Make Yourself A Victim


Accept this Moment As If You Had Chosen It [How To Deflate Your Ego]

Eckhart teaches us that karma is not what happens to you, but rather, how you react to what happens to you. In other words, how you deal with challenges, situations and people in your life can create more karma, if you are reactive. The arising of Presence transmutes karmic patterns.

مع الإيجو يحدث الألم والمشاكل النفسية . وتجذب لحياتك عكس ما تريد دائما . مع الكينونة تصفو النفس ويحدث السلام الداخلي . وتجذب لحياتك كل ما تريد دائما . جزء مسرب من كورس "قوة الكلمة والتفكير" المستوى الأول للبرنامج التدريبي احتراف الجذب @DrAhmedEmara أحمد عمارة

If this must be explained, are you sure you ready for its Truth?