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U.S. Census Bureau director Kenneth Prewitt participated in the enumeration of residents in remote areas of Alaska beginning January 20, 2000. Enumerators collect data in Alaska before snow and ice melts making many remote villages difficult to reach. Learn more at

Ivan Petroff single-handedly conducted the 1880 census in Alaska over a 2-year period counting 33,426. Learn more at

The Census Bureau’s cartographers compared aerial photographs to 1950 Census maps to improve accuracy. Learn more at

Transferring data from the 1940 census questionnaire to punch cards for tabulation. Learn more at

A Census Bureau employee uses a Ferranti Tape Reader in the 1960s to communicate with one of our #UNIVAC 1105 computers. Learn more here:

Census records are transferred from paper forms to microfilm in this 1930s photo. The Roosevelt Administration’s New Deal program included funding to employ clerks who transferred census records to microfilm. The program gave work to unemployed clerks, saved storage space, and preserved records for future research. #CensusHistory Learn more at

U.S. Census Bureau director William L. Austin ( (left) and John D. Biggers review data from the 1937 Unemployment Census that the clerk is transferring to punch cards for mechanical tabulation. Learn more at

Colorado celebrated its 140th birthday on August 1. Four years after being admitted to the United States, the 1880 Census reported that Colorado’s population was 194,327. In 2010, the state’s population was 5,029,196.