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Erkunde Texturen Muster, Form und noch mehr!

Texturen Muster,Form,Wohnung,Pattern Gem,Material Pattern,Pattern Shape,Material Texture,Wood Pattern,Tile Pattern

SETTECENTO | mosaici e ceramiche d'arte. Rivestimenti e pavimenti in ceramica

Achim Menges & Steffen Reichert HygroScope – Meteorosensitive Morphology, 2012 The HygroScope series are “breathing structures”, models out of wood that are purposefully designed to interact with moisture found in the air

Mosaic Flooring Patterns

Mosaic Flooring Patterns – Fubiz™

Atelier Anthony Roussel, 3D layered wooden surface, collection 01, birch wood.

In this image texture is being used because of its three dimensional design. There happens to also be a pattern here due to the triangles being repeated. by


Hause,Holz,Palette,Stadtplanung,Skulpturen,Möbel,Lex Surfaces,Finishes And Surfaces,Wood Surfaces

Ana Varela | Thin Lines Silk-screened wooden planks that tessellate into an infinite number of striking patterns