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Erkunde Alle Meine Sachen, Wirbel und noch mehr!

Is it bad that I already knew all the words? Seriously... Not that hard to figure out if you listen.

von Etsy

Buch faltende Muster - Liebe - 278 Falten + Tutorial mit einfachen gefalteten Kunst Muster - Herz - WO0103

Buch Falten Muster LOVE 284 Falten von SimplexBookFolding

von My Modern Met

Cleverly Designed Packaging Makes Pasta Look Like Gorgeous Hair

Sehr lustig. Mehr

And I probably do analyse over empathise- just did it. I am happy and I want you in it all. And I don't mind picking it all up and moving it. I'm sure there would be enough because I'm not looking for a situation -I want the man. If you earn more than me then you bring in more than I will lose (which I'm sure you do) And my family are certainly not going to stop me- I've fought them enough to know that. And I think childcare probably is the answer if I have more- for me with how I feel…