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Erkunde Nukleare Energie, Atomkraft und noch mehr!

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Abandoning Nuclear Waste


Natural gas Fracking creates jobs ..and poisons our water

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Science Pope on

For those getting excited by $$$ pledges out of countries at the UN Climate Summit: via #PeoplesClimate @350 @350Mass #ActOnClimate #NowNotTomorrow

Beach invasion - Otter Rock, Oregon - Plastic is as ubiquitous as sand. This was from about a year before the Japanese Tsunami. It's the normal everyday state of the ocean not even the aftermath of a catastrophe | Photo by Jason Karn on Flickr |


Sad Truth

Only when...


Ridiculously powerful picture…

In denn Nachrichten berichten sie immer über die armut und haben mittleit warum helfen sie selber nicht

Blog Post - "I Get You, Twine-String-Mom" Plastic Balloon Clips - how plastic solves yet another problem we didn't know we had - that and how we need to teach dumb turtles and sea birds not to eat "biodegradable latex" balloons - I mean, they're so fun and festive, we can't possibly be asked to find benign alternatives, we're not Amish. And screw you "science" with your "finite resources of helium"! I like making my voice sound funny.