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Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause brain problems that manifest as depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even psychosis. Most can benefit from B12 supplementation

How I treat cobalamin (vitamin B12) deficiency

What is active B12? Three carrier proteins are involved in the transport of Vitamin B12 around the body - Intrinsic Factor (IF), transcobalamin (TC) and haptocorrin (HC). When transcobalamin and haptocorrin bind Vitamin B12 the resulting complexes are known as holotranscobalamin (HoloTC) and holohaptocorrin (HoloHC). Holotranscobalamin represents only 10-30% of the Vitamin B12 circulating in the blood but is the ONLY form of Vitamin B12 that is taken up and used by cells of the body, hence…

Vitamin B12 absorption and malabsorption H SCHJ0NSBY

Coenzyme Functions of Vitamin B12