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Erkunde Mit Flaschenpost, Fläschchen Kette und noch mehr!

KETTE - Bronze, Glitzer & Schmetterling

Maritime Fläschchen-Kette mit Flaschenpost & Sand

This cute necklace was made from little glass bottle with vintage style tiny white origami paper plane. Pendant is 1,5” in diameter and its set on a 32” long chain in matching color. It’s great for a romantic present for a special person or as your own lucky charm :). Every item is made for o...

eventually i will make these and everyone will get them as presents. because i'm cheap

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Kette Flaschenpost Hongkong Urlaub Weltkarte Landkarte Glasfläschchen

Regenbilder als Aufklappkarte mit Regenschirm. <3

KETTE - Bronze, Glitzer & Schmetterling

Harry Potter Fläschchen-Kette "Phoenix Tears"

KETTE - Bronze, Glitzer & Schmetterling

Harry Potter Fläschchen-Kette "Polyjuice Potion"

Halskette Glasfläschchen ♥Felix Felicis♥ Harry P

Glasfläschchen Halskette ♥Felix Felicis♥ Harry P.