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How to Promote Speech Development in Children

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How to use a water table to promote speech and language development. Tips from a speech language pathologist.

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Mother of a Child with Down Syndrome

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Observation 1: Physical Development There are several motor skill milestones that infants achieve through their first few years of life. One of the most important is the ability to walk. Around 12.3 months babies should be able to walk well on their own according to research. In the show Tommy is seen walking around everywhere constantly getting himself into trouble. This is not uncommon. Walking is new for infants and it gives them a new perspective on the world that they must explore it!

Observation 1: Social Development Self awareness is a vital step in infant development, and it tends to begin around 12 months. It is the ability to understand that you are an individual in a world bigger than yourself. In Rugrats, Tommy understands that he is a human just like others and that he has the ability to influence the world around him through his actions.