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Bag no. b10690 (jungle)

Working in the Jungle Beat studios New York.

Mr. Dave Gahan on the mic :)

Martin Gore / Depeche Mode 2012, Jungle City Studios, NYC

I saw GNR on their Not in this Lifetime tour and when Duff came out on stage I swear to you I stopped breathing for a couple seconds before flipping out more than I have ever flipped out before.

Relaxing with a fantastic view.

Duff McKagan and Slash Mais

[Image: tumblr_mbfgl9dtIh1r0gbfjo1_1280.jpg]

Jungle city studio New York W27th/10 Ave

Christina’s overall makeup artistry also reflects this style. Her portfolio of work is always clean and ridiculously flawless, making you want to take a microscope to her face and study its sublime perfection. More:

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