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Erkunde Chaos Götter, Wh40K Chaos und noch mehr!

Iron Warriors Warsmith. I don't know who the artist is that painted this picture but I love it. It captures the grit and power of a Chaos renegade without all the warp stress you usually see in GW artwork.

The Swooping Hawks are the aerial Aspect Warriors of the Eldar. They wear cunningly constructed anti-gravitic wings that enable them to launch high into the air at a moment's notice. They are able to launch lightning-fast aerial assaults against their foes, cutting them down with the deadly energy weapons known as Lasblasters in a blur of colour.

MkIII Iron. Iron Warrior armed with a Reaper cannon.

Iron Warriors Contemptor Class Dreadnought converted from the Forgeworld loyalist model. From the bowels of the B.

The Rubricae are warriors of the Thousand Sons Legion. These forever cursed Chaos Space Marines exist only as dust, entombed by power armour. Rubricae are automatons used by Thousand Son Sorcerers as bodyguards and enforcers