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Maison Rose 8 X 10 French Canvas Print

crowns.. Fun to see after visiting the crown jewels in London last year

Little information has survived about Brazil's Para Todos magazine. I couldn't actually find what date or why it ever went out of print. I do know that it was created in 1918 with a focus on movie stars, and in 1922 until 1930, it came under the direction of José Carlos, a cartoonist, illustrator an

'Theatre Magazine, 1924' by Advertising Archives on as poster or art print $17.33

Vintage Designed Turkey Posters by Emrah Yucel

antique car printables: @Andrea Moore - great for making art to hang in T's room

This piece is called Blanc 1923. There really isn't much known about this piece, next to the fact it was made in 1923. There are two white dogs and a woman wearing a white dress, which is most likely why it is called blanc because blanc in French means white.

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