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Milchstraße über Crater Lake mit Nachthimmelsleuchten

von Playbuzz

Who Are You Based On Your Answer To The World's Greatest Philosophical Questions?

Uhm, This Place Is Truly A Wonderful Surprise...Now I'm Getting Really Curious About Samissomar's Pinterests !...

Cracked ice on Lake Baikal, Russia

Photo Milky Way over Spencer Bay, Moosehead Lake, Maine by Aaron Priest on 500px

Water Flea with eggs - Daphnia pulex - This most common species of water flea belongs to the family Daphiniidae. It has a cosmopolitan distribution in a wide range of aquatic habitats, although it is most closely associated with small, shaded pools and lakes of an oligotrophic nature. (Their range extends across most of the world - Americas, Europe & Australia - in appropriate habitats, most of which offer little by way of nutrients)

I loved looking at the sky and being aware that there was barely any room for another star. Wish we got this view around here.