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warm-and-cold-colors by sergioaltea via Slideshare

The Color Wheel - shows color wheel, complements, and warm/cool colors

Selber machen: Selber machen: Papp-Kaktus

DIY papier mache cactus. I think we can figure this one out even if it is in German!!!

Art Attack clip 6 - Warm and Cold Colours - YouTube

Cool and warm colors.

I love the warm and cool colors used. The salt effect came out great.

This fourth color wheel has beautiful clear mixes throughtout. Very close to the CYM color model. The primary is a magenta, so the secondary color is a blue violet, that mixed with the magenta gives the tertiary color violet. The primary hue, Cyan, mixed with BV gives blue! Magenta mixed with RO (secondary, here) gives red! You would probably need an additional warm red here, though.

Color Theory PowerPoint on slide share - elements of art