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silhouette. Schönes Motiv auch für Paarshooting

They stared down at the city, lit with pockets of flame. It was just the two of them, left to save humanity - or at least, save those they loved. Haven.

Never regret something that once made you smile

"I just want you, that's all. All your flaws, mistakes, laughs, smiles, giggles, jokes, sarcasm. Everything. Just you. The real you."

Well, my characters relationships aren't perfect, so what will happen in this scene is... He will drop her

dedosconpolvo: “ das war eins der ersten fotos, das ich damals gebloggt habe (nachdem ich rausgefunden hatte, was rebloggen eigentlich ist und wie man das macht. ein meilenstein in meiner famosen...

" He carries stars in his pockets because he knows she fears the dark. Whenever…

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Photo (The Messes of Men)

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