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How To Build A Fodder System For Chickens, Rabbits Or Other Animals

Golden Laced Wyandotte - beautiful

What a brilliant feed bin idea!!! No scrapping around and wasted feed on the floor and the feed would be kept dry in the rain (Ps not my photo)

Put an old canoe on bricks, install a drain faucet, then fill up with water. The ducks love racing back and forth.

Ducks for the Backyard Farm

Ducks for the Bakyard Farm - Best Breeds for the small homestead .

Winter Grazing - a Better Way to Feed. Learn how to manage your pasture for winter feeding so cows can eat grass through winter without needing any hay.

Peregrine Falcon, known as the fastest bird, attaining up to 200 mph in a stoop or dive...

Save Money on Chicken Feed - Build these Grazing Boxes for Your Flock!

DIY grazing boxes make for happy hens. They're a great way to save on the cost of raising backyard chickens (and other poultry), too! Save money, happy chickens. Win, win.