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There will always be someone who's seems better by some aspect. But the one I have chosen is you.

Sie war ein Mädchen, welches wusste wie man glücklich ist, selbst wenn man traurig ist. Und das ist sehr wichtig - Marilyn Monroe

Leider wahr... nur sind da auch oft Menschen dran schuld die uns zeigen das eine Wand die einzige Chance ist sich nicht selbst zu verlieren....

Sometimes you find something that describes you to a T, this would if for me.

Dieses Video ist für alle Leute die sich an dem Video "D&M Outro" von der Deutschen Rap Gruppe "Goltern Records" noch nicht belustigen konnten, denn als der ...

It's not that I hate it. It's beautiful. It means it really meant something true. It's just that continuing to care hurts so much. There's nothing you could have done that could change that I care, only that I didn't or wouldn't feel pain. But caring? Hell, babydoll, I'll aka ways care and wish, even when all hope is lost. And even with no hope, if opportunity presented itself, I'd fight for us. I'd give almost anything to start again. It was amazingly beautiful and nothing could make me…

Letting go hurts but sometimes necessary. Even if its someone you never thought you would have to let go of.

Usually attributed to Buddha which is not true - sorry! But still it's a pretty good quote!