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Erkunde Platzhirsche, Pressemeldung und noch mehr!

Fliegende Platzhirsche: Am meisten nerven im Flugzeug Sitznachbarn, die sich ausbreiten - laut Mehr Infos: Das Foto kann kostenfrei bei einer Berichterstattung im Zusammenhang mit der Pressemeldung genutzt werden unter Angabe des Copyrights „Digital Vision“. © Digital Vision.

How where People stand in the Elevator says about Gender Roles - See more at:

Inside The V&A’s David Bowie Exhibition

David Bowie Exhibition | The V & A (23rd Mar - 11th Aug 2013)

When children learn basic social skills at a young age, the benefits last a lifetime. The Sense of Etiquette provides them tools that focus on proper introductions, conversation skills and formal dining. Develop your child’s personality and leadership skills as they gain confidence to handle any social situation. #etiquettesense Photo Credit: American School of Protocol

14 Flight Attendant Slang Terms Explained

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Boac British Airways 707 Ad Steward Knows Answers (1960)

Super Snoozer Travel Pillow

How to Become a Runner Even if You Think You Hate Running

RUNNING WORKOUT FOR BEGINNERS: Build a runner's body (and get the bragging rights too) with this simple and effective running workout that anyone can do. Running will always deliver a superior cardio workout compared to walking, she adds. And it feels pretty badass to call yourself a runner. Luckily, almost anyone can turn a basic walk into a run without hating life — here are some things to keep in mind. Click through for running tips, free exercises and training workouts, running…

10 Most Annoying Things You Do While Traveling

10 Most Annoying Things to do When Travelling