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Erkunde Ente Gut, Mir Gefällt und noch mehr! yellow fuzz-a-ducks.....

Chinese Goose ~ It may look strange, but it's very productive: a female can lay 60 eggs or more during the breeding season

Iceskater ( Hooded Crow ) - © von P. Lindel

Beautiful shot of a raven in flight. Tuft of feathers on beak, shimmer in feathers, pointed wings, appears to be raven (rather than crow) sized, with a curved (rather than crow's straight) beak, but I don't know if ravens ever have a hooked beak. The photographer reports the "gluck" sound of a raven (not the "caw" of a crow).

Ich schau gern zu dir auf...schenk dir mein Vertrauen, pass auf uns auf!

30 Incredible Once In A Lifetime Shots

Baby Canada geese leave the nest for the first time. I can't handle this.