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Convertible City 'Floating Grounds Ort', Berlin 2006 by architect Hoyer Schindele Hirschmüller w. Art+Com - 2006 Reactive alleyways - bridge homes with moving surfaces that reacts to the pedestrian flow and building residents activity

200 Gray’s Inn Road new landscaped terrace features thermo-treated American ash

+ | Symbiosis of wood and concrete ...

Beautiful city print maps from @co_optdesign

A little bit of Art: Specialising in affordable printed artworks.

Inside/Out, James Clar (2006) Each building node of ‘Inside / Out’ used a laser diode system to track the amount of people entering and exiting the space, and then used this variable to display the information on the rooftops.

Mike Rawlinson & Eoin Billings: Helping People Learn Their City

Mike Rawlinson (City ID) and Eoin Billings (Billings Jackson) presenting their wayfinding kiosks New-York City #PSFKconference2013

The Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme (GMDSP)

CitySDK | FutureEverything