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3-D Printing Technology May Bring New Industrial Revolution

How 3 D printing works Technology

3-D printing industry is on track to be a $3.1 billion business by 2016 and the innovations on display this week at Euromold, a manufacturing trade show, show its foundation is growing — both in revenue and in physical print size, Wired News reports

HP's 3D Print Breakthrough Could Push Rivals 'Out of Business'

HP shows off its 3-D printing capabilities

How long until real 3 D printing

How long until real 3 D printing

Burritobot: A 3-D Printer That Spits Out Burritos

Neu Romance,Cafe Neu,Bauen Einen Roboter,Modell,Burrito Printer,Burrito Building,Marko Manriquez,Building Robot,Nyu Student

The Future of Stuff: Vending Machine That Prints in 3-D

Future of Stuff: Vending Machine That Prints in 3-D

MakerBot’s next goal: enabling 3-D printer-based businesses

Replicator 3-D printer from MakerBot

zSpace - A Virtual-holographic Experience

A Display That Makes Interactive 3-D Seem Mind-Bogglingly Real The Z Space display could be revolutionary for designers and animators, but might also inspire innovation in computer gaming and augmented reality.

harvard & university of illinois researchers develop ink for 3D printing lithium-ion battery

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