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|WSSS|RSCHN| Love the undulating form

form curl and curve

Non-Linear Architecture Parametrics Workshop 2010 | Tsinghua University

Curved Linear Structure _

Facility Management Schweiz ist ein langjährig erfahrenes Facility Management Unternehmen, das sich speziell Ihren ganz individuellen Bedürfnissen widmen wird. #Facility_Management_Schweiz

LDVC | Drops washbasin, 2012 Product Design #productdesign

Design - Richard Sweeney, UK (1984-...) light series blurs the boundaries of design, art (unique sculpture forms) and craft. His designs are investigations into materials, structure/pattern Inspired by complex geometries/patterns of growth in nature. Cit... the objects I create have an underlying simplicity of construction that betrays their complex appearance. Recently recognized for his ingenuity with the New Designers DKNY Award. (text by aliXeMona).

Repin from Rachel Lezon. The Gothic style of structure designed into a curvilinear form, changing the way it is interpreted.

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