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Tai Chi 24 Forms in 2 Views, with Master Yijiao Hong, International Tai Chi Grand Champion

The 24 Forms of Yang Style Tai Chi are presented separately, with form titles, in slow movements and from two points of view. If you care about Tai Chi, this video is an excellent learning tool and chance to gain experience from one of the best Tai Chi Masters in the world.

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Someone picked this video up from a garage sale . . A YouTuber adds "The beginning of the video shows the standard hand forms and stances of Taiji. This is 42 style Taiji, combined from different families of Taiji, consisting Chen,Yang,Wu and Sun. 42 style taiji was created for public to readily practise taiji and for competition.

Wudang tai chi chuan Traditional Form - China

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Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang 108 form (YMAA Taijiquan) Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming