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[Nice fluid feel - pretty standard stuff though.] Sentio UI for Android

[NASA coming up with what looks like a pretty intuitive interface] Natural Interface Control of Future Space Robotics

[TAT makes really nice stuff. This feature is just eyecandy right now, but eventually 3D will be useful.] 3D Eyetracking UI

Say hello to Project Tango! - YouTube

[Nicely made - still with the point and click though - and it seems a bit random that it is the admission office that should point to the future?] Let's Imagine - The Admissions Office of the Future

Smart buildings the future of building technology

Microsoft Tellme Vision for Future Interactions

▶ BattleShips VR - Command Ship - YouTube

Microsoft's Future Vision in HD ; Windows Home Concept

10/GUI - 10 Finger Multitouch User Interface

Pinterest • ein Katalog unendlich vieler Ideen