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Princess Alice and her husband Grand Duke Ludwig IV with their two eldest children Princess Victoria (right) and Princess Elisabeth.

Ernest Louis was the last Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine. He was the fourth child and eldest son of Grand Duke Louis IV and Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. He was an older brother to Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna (née Alix of Hesse), Empress consort of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom and her daughters Louise and Victoria

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra - Wedding -

Queen Victoria's ravishing daughter, a secret love and a sex scandal

Ravishing: Princess Louise was the fourth daughter and sixth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Queen Louise of Denmark, 1817-1898, nee Louise of Hesse-Cassel. Grandmother of Europe. Wife of Christian IX, they had 6 children: Frederick VIII of Denmark, father of Christian X, and Haakon VII of Norway; Queen Alexandra, mother of George V, and Maud, Queen of Norway; George I of Greece, father of Constantine I; Dagmar (Marie Feordorovna) of Russia, mother of Tsar Nicholas II; Thyra, Crown Princess of Hanover and Duchess of Brunswick; and Prince Valdemar. They had 39 grandchildren.

Princess Victoria of Hesse, Prince Louis of Battenberg and their four children Princess Alice of Battenberg, Louise, George and Louis. The Battenberg family changed their name to Mountbatten during WWI.

Alice and Ludwig with their three eldest daughters, Princess Victoria (with Alice), Princess Irene (with Ludwig), and Princess Elisabeth.

Granddaughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Alice of Battenberg on her wedding to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark 1903 (Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh's mother)

Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg