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fuckyeahwarriorwomen: art-of-swords:Sword Photography With Samantha Swords, winner of the open longsword competition in Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament Photography by Rey Alabastro Armour by Shari Finn Source: Copyright 2013 © Samantha Swords Reblogging for plus-women

Samantha Swords Wins Longsword Competition at Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament!

Shield Maiden. (Not sure if she is a warrior or rogue class character)

Nice Norse wrap coat! I almost wonder if you could use a bathrobe pattern, haha. Melodi comments - I know someone who did...

This example comes from the armory of Date Yoshimura (1703–1746), daimyo (lord) of Sendai. The helmet bowl, signed Saotome Iye[tada?], dates from the sixteenth century; the remainder of the armor was constructed in the eighteenth century