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Meet Hypatia, Ancient Philosopher and Mathmetician

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than to not think at all." - (370? - 415) Hypatia of Alexandria - Brilliant woman and teacher of math, philosophy, and astronomy at the Library of Alexandria that made great scholarly strides. Hypatia and her passion for knowledge was seen as a threat by religious leaders and was killed because of her influence. Her death was one of many intellectual losses that marked the beginning of the Dark Ages.

Ohio Considers Woman Suffrage Amendment - Detail - Pictures of Women's Suffrage Movement

Emily Wilding Davison (1872 - 1913) is remembered as the woman who died by "throwing herself" under the hoofs of Anmer, King George V's horse on June 4, 1913 at the Epsom Derby in support of the British suffragette movement. She was trampled and died a few days later, never having regained consciousness. She is is buried in St Mary's church yard, Morpeth, in Northumberland, and her gravestone bears the WSPU slogan, "Deeds not words."

Oglala Sioux Indian man (Red Hawk). Oglala Sioux meaning "to scatter one's own" in Lakota language, are one of the seven subtribes of the Lakota people, who along with the Nakota and Dakota, make up the Great Sioux Nation.

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The 100-year mystery of why suffragette Emily Davison threw herself under the king's horse

Because we owe these women so much more than most people remember

Dalai Lama, Calcutta, 1910 from the George Ernest Morrison collection / photograph by Johnston & Hoffmann, Calcutta.George Ernest Morrison, 1862-1920, doctor of medicine, traveller and journalist, became resident correspondent of 'The Times' at Peking in 1897 and political adviser to the President of China (Yuan Shih-k'ai), 1912-1920. His collection shows China in 1910 and includes photographs of the Boxer Rebellion.