Erkunde Bericht Uhr, Tom Cruise und noch mehr!

Verwandte Themen durchstöbern

You have to like Tom Cruise in this movie even though you don't like him in real life. In this thorough Science-Fiction Action Thriller - which easily could have been a little bit shorter - Tom Cruise is THE classic hero. O.K. movie.

Horns - Daniel Radcliffe sprouts horns in this film for some odd reason and its strange, funny, and twisted all at the same time. It was actually good, despite it looking kinda chessy.

So viele Jahre liebe ich dich - HQ Mirror

Clue -- This 1985 movie is based on a popular board game of the same name. (In some countries it's known as Cluedo) It's a very campy murder mystery with a large cast, lots of laughs, and three different endings.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The Terminator I'll be back - Arnold Schwarzenegger

My rating / ★★★★☆


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