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Casamento de Paul Joseph Göbbels com Magda Göbbels. Adolf Hitler vem logo atrás, como Padrinho de Casamento.

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WWII: London Bombed

World War II, 13th February 1945, London, England, A Rescue worker holds a cat amidst the devastation and rubble caused by a V-bomb launched by a Nazi raid in Judd Street (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Children in the Lodz ghetto during World War II.

Jewish prisoners paraded by the SS and local police through the streets of Baden-Baden, November 10, 1938.

Hitler Youth girls group 'The league of German maidens'

With the capture of Berlin nearly complete and the end of the Third Reich looming, rather than attempt an escape or surrender to Soviet troops, Joseph and Magda Goebbels decided that they would stay loyal to Hitler until the end and kill themselves and their family. With the help of Ludwig Stumpfegger, Hitler’s personal physician, Magda Goebbels poisoned her six children. Soon after she left the Führerbunker to go above ground with her husband, whereupon they both killed themselves.

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Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels visiting the original Degenerate Art exhibition in Munich in 1937 (Source: wiki)

Veterano judio de la Primera guerra mundial lleva la cinta de la cruz de hierro de segunda clase en su solapa en las calles de Lodz.

Chuck Norris e Bruce Lee. Não precisa legenda uma foto dessas. Aliás, é até perigoso alguém se meter a fazer legenda disso.

Nazi Germany, Hitler Youth rally in the Lustgarten, Berlin, May 1, 1933.